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adverse adj
1 contrary to your interests or welfare; "adverse circumstances"; "made a place for themselves under the most untoward conditions" [syn: harmful, inauspicious, untoward]
2 in an opposing direction; "adverse currents"; "a contrary wind" [syn: contrary]

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From avers (French: adverse).


contrary, hostile
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From adversus, "against", "opposite".


  1. adverse

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Adverse or adverse interest, in law, is an anything that functions contrary to a party's interest. This word should not be confused with averse.

Adverse witness and party

An adverse witness is a witness whose testimony benefits an opposing party. Opposing parties are referred to as adverse parties. Often, the rules of examination for an adverse witness, or a witness called by an adverse party, are different and include the ability to ask leading questions.

Adverse possession

In property law, adverse possession refers to an interest in real property which is contrary to the in-fact owner of the property. For example, an easement may permit some amount of access to property which might otherwise constitute a trespass.

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